DANCE, DANCE, DANCE from the new yet to be titled LP


The Rise of the Worms recorded @le black baron, Nancy, France





Eric's foot is a bit better and he's able to stand for gigs again

This is from a few months ago at The Ghostlight opening for The Cheats and Bitch Queens




the 2017 tour of Europe



The tour was fantastic! here is part 1 of the European tour video



Detroit 442 - The fall of everything




THE ALBUM!!!!! PIGS!!!!!!





Detroit 442- Pig$ 12" LP





FUCK YOU PEOPLE (featuring Dan Meder on 2nd vocal)

"Living in a black hole"

from the album



The 15 song LP

'Boredom City' is quite possibly the most Detroit album I've ever heard. What I mean, of course, is that this album, fifteen songs of 'Boredom City Punx', is unequivocally produced, crafted and marketed in Detroit. It spits of working class boredom and lower class frustration. While note traditionally fast, pummeling hardcore like a good amount of Detroit bands, this album is, without a doubt, punk rock from Detroit with a serious fucking groove.

Every song on this album is a well-crafted piece of punk. Many songs have very quotable lyrics, and I believe this is the work of singer Lacy one of the biggest mainstays in Detroit punk rock (he was around during the Negative Approach era with Son of Sam, during the Cold As Life/second wave of Detroit punk with the Hillside Stranglers, and now with Detroit 442). The sound is dubbed 'Boredom City Punx', and it is a bit more unique, with Lacy cranking out some of his best work as a singer, sounding like a deranged Wattie Buchan. Scott #1 (there are two) defined the sound with his riffs and his different guitar sound. Scott #2 puts the rhythm section, together with Bean, into a pulse-pounding, stop-and-go team that allows the guitar and vocals to have a background with which to deliver the good word of Boredom City Punx to any and all listeners. My personal three favorite tracks are Fabric of Society, Worries and Detroit Noise, but every track is worth the price of the album.

This is one of the better albums I've heard lately. Buy this album. Now. It's well worth the minor investment.

Aunty Social - Criminal Behavior Fanzine


Mit dem Vers „I am not the son of Sam, nor am I the Hillside Strangler“, beweist der ehemalige HILLSIDE STRANGLERS-Sänger Lacy Humor. Die 15 Lieder gehen, wie im Interview in Ox #75 prophezeit, sehr in die Richtung des JOY DIVISION-Covers auf dem „Living In The Age Of Fear“-Album, während gegen Ende noch einmal Krach im Stil der HILLSIDE STRANGLERS aufbrandet.

Also viel Hall und Repetitionen, wie sie dem gelangweilten Bewusstsein in Fabrikhallen nach geraumer Zeit als Musik erscheinen. Die lesenswerten Texte handeln von Langeweile, selbstgewählter Entfremdung, Abscheu vor Gesellschaft und Existenzekel, Lacys Halbleben in Detroit eben, wobei auch Punk sein Fett weg kriegt und die Vergangenheit der fehlenden Zukunft ironisiert wird.

Mit der Zeile „Coca-Cola is the real thing for me“ in „(This is) Just a test“ ist ein sarkastischer, aber treffender Kommentar zur Politik gelungen. DETROIT 442 kommen 2011 auf Tour, von der Besetzung der letzten Tour wird aber nur noch Sänger Lacy übriggeblieben sein.


© by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #94 (Februar/März 2011)

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son of sam was my from november 1981 - 1991

SON OF SAM Anothology CD OF 20 SONGS!!!

this video is from the city club in detroit april 1985